DTR Series

Single Band, CW Transceivers


DTR 3-5 (3.5 / 3.6MHz) DTR7-5 (7.0 / 7.1MHz) DTR10-5 (10.1 / 10.2MHz)

These little rigs can produce any output power from less than 25mW to around 8W. They all have a very effective 7 pole low-pass filter resulting in a harmonic level of better than 50dB below the main output.

The receiver incremental tune (RIT) allows about +/- 4kHz of fine tuning around the transmitter. And the stable VFO is controlled by the new Jackson calibrated ball-drive - well known for its clean appearance and smoothness of operation.

Receiver (DC) sensitivity is better than 1microV minimum discernable signal (MDS) and selectivity, with the included audio filter, is around 250Hz @ 6dB. A 12 dB (switchable) attenuator deals with any high-powered AM breakthrough.


  • Power requirements : 12/14Vdc, 1A (key down) at 5W output.
  • Connectors : 1/4" jack sockets for key and 'phones (8 ohms), SO239 (antenna) and phono (power).
  • Case : Heavy gauge aluminium, finished in black enamel, with printed acetate facias.

Kit price - £98.70 Built to order - £168.00

Postage (UK) £4.00