Morse Code Practice Oscillator

The ideal first project for a Novice!

The CPO5 is a compact unit intended for personal use in learning and practising the Morse Code.


The built-in 'speaker provides ample volume for normal room use. In addition, a 3.5 mm jack socket allows the use of high impedance headphones - one of the miniature crystal earpieces for example.


The tone produced by the CPO5 is very close to a pure sine-wave. Adjustable in frequency, you will find it to be much more pleasing to listen to, and a lot less tiring, than the hard "square-wave" from a simple "555" oscillator.

As in all LAKE kits, all the parts are provided - with the exception of the PP3 battery. The case is ready punched, with a printed facia, resulting in a very neat and professional instrument.

Full, clear and illustrated instructions make this kit very straightforward to build.

Kit price £16.50

Postage (U.K.) £1.50