The 'Novice Amplifier'

The ideal first audio amplifier project for anyone!

The 'Novice Amplfier' was designed from the outset as an aid to the practical side to the Radio Amateur Novice Course, in which under instruction the student is taken through building simple projects. What better project to continue with, but an add-on amplifier for the Lake 'Novice' short wave receiver?

Supplied with all electronic parts and a suitable small loudspeaker, the 'Novice Amplifier' will give a good volume for others to listen to when coupled to a simple receiver .

Using only a 9V PP3 battery it's safe for youngsters of any age to build and use.

Adding this project to the Novice Reciever produces a nice little radio covering about 5.5 to 18MHz.

As in all LAKE kits, all the parts are provided - with the exception of the PP3 battery. . As the 'Novice Amplifier' is designed to be part of a series of projects, there is no case provided, but full, clear and illustrated instructions make this kit very straightforward to build.

Kit price £8

Postage (U.K.) £1.50